“Siren” is officially released as the new Brian Travis Band single.

My producer and I have been pushing “Siren” as the new single from The Coyote & The Crow now that the music video is out. We’ve released the video on both Vimeo and Youtube and it’s been getting a fair amount of views, however I feel the video is really great and should be getting more views than it is getting. If you have not yet seen it, please give it a watch and feel free to share it with friends. Please comment on the youtube page as well. We love to read your comments.

Here is the link to the video on youtube:

Watch. Comment. Share. Thank you. 🙂

I’ve been playing a lot of gigs in The Ozarks and last week I traveled to Colorado for a few shows in Denver and Boulder. I also performed live on the radio in Grand Junction on KAFM Community radio on Boyd Franklins show Broaden Your Bandwidth. KAFM was a really cool station and it was a pleasure to perform a few acoustic tunes on the air and to chat with Boyd about my tour.

A few days later I got word that “Siren” was played again on KAFM during a morning drive time americana/rock radio show alongside such legendary heavy hitters as Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, & Tom Petty!

Check out this epic playlist…I’m in good company y’all!


I’ll wrap up this entry by posting the latest Kindness of Strangers Tour Episode. This Episode was shot by George Landress at our music video screening at Bar Lubitsch. It was a really great night and my last show in LA before hitting the road on the second leg of the tour. I hope you enjoy it. More tour episodes coming soon.

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