About Brian

Singer/songwriter Brian Travis was born in Los Angeles and raised in the Ozarks. Brian’s writing style reflects his upbringing combining laid back California folk rock with the down home twang of his childhood in Forsyth Missouri (just outside of Branson).

After picking up the guitar in high school, Brian headed to Northern California and sought out other musicians, moving into a warehouse with band mates and rehearsing constantly. After his first band Forward disbanded, Travis fronted a new collective called Third Wish. Travis had collaborated with other songwriters, but Third Wish was his first opportunity to provide all of the original material. Third Wish gained momentum in the Bay Area, opening for The String Cheese Incident, Vinyl and Michelle Shocked, and releasing their own six-song EP Wish, produced by Evan Riely. To promote this release Travis embarked on a six-week solo tour of Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Prague and Brussels. Upon returning from that adventure Travis followed up The Wish EP with the release of a five-song solo EP “There from Here” produced by Andy Zenczak. Shifting band mates saw Travis playing in an acoustic group called Wishcraft, which garnered attention at festivals (such as Earth Day, Gay Pride and Arbor Day) and was awarded a plaque from the city of Santa Cruz, but the bands greatest achievement according to Travis was getting a “Wishcraft” sandwich named after them at one of the local eateries.

In 2001 Brian decided to head south to Los Angeles, where he played solo gigs for a few months before a promoter suggested getting a band together to book larger clubs. Travis promptly got in touch with Third Wish guitarist Jason ‘Ace’ Gonzales along with a few more talented LA musicians and booked a show at the The Joint. The promoter billed the group as “The Brian Travis Band,” and the name stuck as Travis found that Gonzales, Thaddeus Wiseman (drums) and Manny Vega(bass) helped him create the folksy Americana rock ‘n roll sound he was searching for. Together, the four musicians recorded demos, toured up and down the California coast, and stormed the UK with shows all over England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, which culminated in an opening slot that saw Travis performing onstage with his musical hero, Mike Peters of The Alarm. The Brian Travis Band released their debut CD Past the Breakers in 2004, The Bigger Picture in 2009 (produced by Mike Starr) and completely funded by fan pre-orders. Having been featured on KZSC, Santa Cruz; KCSN,Northridge; and KCSB, Santa Barbara, among many other college stations, “The Bigger Picture” saw more play on college stations and quickly sold out of physical copies. In 2011 The band release “Sense of Place: The Ranch Recording Sessions” produced by Cyrus Clarke and Feb of 2013 saw the release of the groups newest effort, “The Coyote & The Crow” produced by George Landress. “The Coyote & The Crow” features the current incarnation of the BTB (Mark Wickliffe, Steve Wiel, Brian Travis & Joe Arena) along with guest artists Julia Albert, Annie Boxell, Will Donato, Mike Armstrong, George Landress and Mike Starr who also contributed their talents to Brian Travis’ original material.

Brian is currently on tour in support of “The Coyote & The Crow” and has performed dates all over California, Oregon, Colorado, Oklahoma, and the Ozark mountains (where he grew up) in Missouri with more gigs booked in the deep south (including Nashville) this coming Summer.

Brian on stage in Tarzana CA

Brian on stage in Tarzana CA

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