New gadgets, toys and tech.

Having a job kind of rules in the ‘steady paycheck’ department. Every 2 weeks money appears in my bank account seemingly out of nowhere. The hard part is working long days and slaving over a computer for the better part of the day week in and week out. Sometimes (a LOT of the time) I am at work from 9am to 8pm or later.

The biggest plus has been the ability to afford a few technological wonders that are changing the way I conduct my personal music business. For example, I purchased an HD flip video camera a while back and I’ve been collecting footage of band rehearsals and shows. I’ve been able to edit the footage quickly using imovie on my mac and I’ve posted some stuff onto youtube. Here is a link to a recent performance at Stronghold in Venice:

The Brian Travis Band Live @ The Stronghold

and footage of us playing at The Bohemian Exchange last January:

The Westbound Kentucky

and one of us playing a cover song from the same gig:

The Seeker by The Who

I hope you enjoy these. Please post comments!