The Bay Area.

It is a testament to how busy I’ve been that I’ve not been able to carve out some time to keep up with his blog.

I’ve a lot of ground to cover, so here it goes…

After my “Kindness of Strangers Tour ended so abruptly (due to a traumatic car accident) I was able to make it back to California and I’ve been living in an artist loft in Vallejo ever since. I’ve been putting together a backing band and so far we’ve played a handful of shows all over the Bay Area including 2 shows in San Francisco (one at the 50 Mason Social House, and more recently at Hotel Utah).

It’s been a push auditioning players and teaching them the songs and booking shows and building relationships with the clubs and promoters in this part of California. Things work a bit different than they did in LA, mostly for the best and I am getting a handle on the indie rock scene up here.

One thing that I’ve been noticing is that most of the shows I’ve played up here have been super well attended. I played to a packed room last night at Hotel Utah…on a SUNDAY night at that! I’m also noticing that people are dancing and clapping along at most of my gigs as opposed to just watching passively. Lastly, I’ve also noticed that I am selling more CD’s than usual AND the venues are paying us for playing the shows. After 10+ years of slogging it out in LA, I have to say this is a breath of welcomed fresh air.

I’ve also been getting back into my visual art now that I have a space set up for doing my art. I’m going to be part of a collective show that is happening at 707 Marin Street, Vallejo CA on Saturday & Sunday, November 7 & 8, 2015, 11am to 5pm. I’m going to also be performing acoustic with my band at this art show.

Here are a few pictures of the work I’ve been doing in my studio. If you are interested in purchasing any of my art, the originals are for sale and you can contact me direct via email: and I will give you more information regarding price.


Out Here In The Dark

In addition to getting back into my vidual art, I’ve been working a part time job in order to make some money to throw at problems. My motorcycle is in need of minor repairs and keeping up with bills and trying to chip away at some credit card debt. I’ve also been in the process of booking gigs all over the bay. Our next confirmed performance is at The Hub which is an art gallery/performance space located in downtown Vallejo. The BTB are headlining and David El and O Happy Daggers are opening. It should be a great show! I’ve designed a poster for the event which I quite like. Check it out:


If you like the look of my poster design and you’d like to see more of my design work, you can go to my official online portfolio here:

One last thing, I decided to treat myself for my birthday weekend and took a trip to Harbin Hot springs. I had never ever been there before, but I packed my tent and sleeping bag on the back of my Motorcycle and rode up to Harbin and enjoyed 24 hours of blissful soaking in the hot springs along with the rest of the Harbin residents and visitors who were there that weekend. I was blown away by how many stars I could see from the upper sleeping deck once the sun went down. The super hot pool was INTENSE and I could only stay in it for a few minutes tops. I had a wonderful time and left vowing to return again soon. Sadly, the fires that have been ravaging California decimated Harbin a few weeks ago and nothing is left of the retreat center except ash and charred remains of some of the structures. It’s incredibly sad but not nearly as sad as how many people have lost everything from these fires. Many people are displaced and have lost everything and I’m sure that in the near future I will be playing benefit shows that will raise funds to help all who are displaced from the fire.

Rather than leaving this post on a sad note, I’m going to instead post this footage of my band performing at Saint James Gate in Belmont California on Saturday, August 15th 2015. It was a great gig and you can see the fun we are having in this 15 minute video. Enjoy!