Looking back over 13 months of downtime during the pandemic.

We all got the same news in mid March 2020. It might be a good idea to stock up on some extra groceries and stay home for a few weeks because a strange new virus that originated in Wuhan China, was making it’s way across the globe. I remember frantically filling my shopping cart with essentials at Trader Joes, trying hard to stay 6 feet away from the other shoppers. My pod and I hunkered down in our apartment as the news got worse and worse. Eventually it was declared a global pandemic and the world was on lockdown. All non essential business was shut down, celebrities and pro athletes were catching the virus, and once Styx stopped touring and Disneyland closed, I knew things were serious.

Like a lot of you, I spent the first month or so enjoying being home. Plenty of Netflix and day drinking and connecting with friends on zoom. I was sharpening my home cooking skills, exercising daily and brushing and flossing before bed. I was also doom scrolling before bed and first thing in the morning as reports of the virus’s spread increased. I’m not going to expound on every nuance of the past 13 months as we’ve all experienced it together, but instead I wanted to report on my decision to spend some of the global heath crisis downtime to make music videos and post them on my youtube channel.

With (as the above mentioned band Styx say) too much time on my hands, I decided that my youtube channel was profoundly under promoted. I created the channel 11 years ago and at that point it had only attracted a mere 81 subscribers. Granted, I was posting very infrequently and my video editing skills were amateurish and the sound quality on some of my early videos was abhorrent. I decided my channel needed an overhaul so I dove right in, deleting some of the really bad old videos and set my sights on producing new content that I would post on a more regular basis.

I got better at setting up my recording/video gear and began capturing one take acoustic versions of my original songs (and a few covers here and there). I spent time learning how to digitally edit my videos on premier pro and what the best settings are for uploading them to youtube. I tried to stay vigilant about getting them uploaded on a regular basis and began to actively promote them on my social media. All of which is a full time job. I began to join groups on Facebook that allowed you to post videos. I encouraged my friends and supporters to subscribe to my channel and even added the “please subscribe” messages onto the tail end of my videos.

After 12 months of this I have 12 new music videos on my channel and my channel subscriptions have increased from 81 to 412 as of today. My goal was to have 500 by March 2021 but I’ll have to take 412 as a win. I’m very proud of the new music I’ve been making and also proud of the videos. Some are certainly more “produced” than others, but it’s been a huge leveling up for me. I’m particularly proud of my newest video for a song I wrote called “Albatross”. I wanted to make a fully animated video for this song, so I taught myself to animate (crudely!) and it was a tedious and painstaking process to complete. It took well over 2 months of working on it a little (sometimes a LOT) every day. I’m immensely proud of how it turned out.

I’m gonna post it here for you to watch and I strongly encourage you to subscribe to my channel if you’ve not yet done so. I’m still aiming for 500 subs and am appreciative of each and every subscriber! I hope you enjoy this song and music video. It’s essentially the Rime of the Ancient Mariner as a metaphor for the capitol insurrection on Jan 6th 2021. I’ve lot’s of other videos for you to peruse at your leisure and if you subscribe and click the notification bell you’ll be notified each time a new video is uploaded. Thanks for reading and now here’s Albatross:

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