Touching down, settling in and getting started again.

Wow. It’s been 6 months since my last blog post.

The last you have heard from me was my previous post about my car accident. Let me take this opportunity to fill you in on what has transpired since.

While still recovering from my car accident I took a flight from Missouri to San Francisco to report to my job as part of the deco crew for The Great Dickens Christmas Fair – At this point I’d like to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped me get back to Cali after the crash. There was an overwhelming outpouring of support both financial and emotional from so many. This rock ‘n roll refugee is grateful! – A few days into the job I started feeling overly stiff and sore and was having trouble with some of the physical demands of the job. Another member of the crew hooked me up with a chiropractor appointment in the city. After showing my practitioner the picture of my car after the accident he could not believe that I was in as good of shape as I was. The adjustment I received promptly put me back into my body and I felt suddenly more connected to the world around me. The pain and stiffness I was feeling went away for the most part and I returned to work the next day renewed.

Like last year, I was pulled from my duty as a deco team member to work on hand painted signs for the event.  I spent most of my time leading up to opening weekend painting new signs, changing fonts on ale stand menu boards, and touching up tattered older signs that needed some TLC.


Once fair opened I worked with Skip once again at her stained glass cart, bought new costume pieces (new pants, shirt and vest), drank a lot of ale and hot buttered rum, danced at Fezziwigs for the first time and enjoyed the heck out of the Christmas season!

I also worked on the tear down crew which was pretty brutal. The weather in SF was chilly and I was also catching a cold. I spent most of tear down bundled up, staying hydrated and taking Advil to get through the workdays. Eventually it was all over and I found myself homeless in the Bay Area, couch surfing and trying to figure out my next move.

By this time my darling Camryn had joined me in the Bay Area, sufficiently fed up with life in Taney County.  Together we bounced between my mom’s place in Vallejo and Cam’s parents house in San Ramon. A few friends from Dickens were encouraging us to look for housing in Vallejo and soon we were turned on to an artist loft that had a unit becoming available in February. The unit was part of a turn of the century Masonic temple that had been converted into modern units with all the amenities. I promptly filled out the application, expecting to be denied due to my itinerant rental history and lack of references. As it turns out, the rental office administrator was on our side and walked us through most of the application helping us provide the information that would help get us approved. It was a 3 week process of providing bank statements, previous rental history and references, and I also had to prove that I am a professional artist. In the end we got the place and after a few more weeks of waiting for the unit to be cleaned and fixed up, we moved in the third week of Feb.

After a full year of living on the road and in a run down little yellow house in Kissee Mills Missouri, this apartment was a dream. It has a functional KITCHEN! RUNNING WATER! A DISHWASHER!


My new base of operations is called Temple Art Lofts. There is an art studio with 24/hr access on the second floor and a music lounge (basically a rehearsal space) on the third floor mezzanine. I’m very happy to be here and it turns out that Downtown Vallejo is cute, quiet and filled with artists. There is also a ferry building just a 10 minute walk from downtown where I can catch a ferry into San Francisco.

After settling in I finished writing my first new song of 2015. It’s a song about a new start called “spark”. Click on the link below to hear it! 🙂

Still without transportation after the accident, I began looking for wheels on craigslist. While seeking affordable cars for sale, eventually I found myself looking at motorcycles. I’ve wanted a bike for eons…something small that I could control. I stumbled upon a used 2000 honda nighthawk with very low mileage. It was in perfect condition and only 250cc’s. I decided to take a look at it in person. After setting up a time to meet to see the bike I began to obsess about it. Once I laid eyes on it and took it for a spin I knew I was going I buy it.


It’s April now and I’ve been settling in to life in Northern California. I’ve been playing some music with my old buddy Evan Reily and I’m looking for players who want to back me up for shows in SF and the east bay. I’ve booked a show in SF for June 12th just to give myself a deadline to put together a new project. In the meantime I have 2 shows booked in LA on April 28th and April 29th. BTB members Mark Wickliffe, Steve Weil and Annie Boxell are joining me for those dates and I could not be more thrilled to play with them back in the city of angels.


I’m discovering that I can live up north and travel down to LA whenever I like. It’s a very nice feeling to not be tethered to Los Angeles. I’m also looking forward to playing more solo shows in Portland and embarking on another solo acoustic tour this summer back to the south.

Now that I am all settled into a new place I’m planning on keeping this blog up to date with monthly posts. It will not be another six months before the next installment. Thanks for waiting.

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