Radio Airplay and a Lexus ad placement in Ireland.

A few weeks back I was lamenting my finances and struggling to pay for repairs to the little yellow house that my grandfather built that I am currently living in. The house is built on land in the Ozarks that has been in my family for generations. The sweeping vistas and idyllic landscape that surround the property are nothing short of spectacular. The repair costs of the plumbing, the water heater and the acquisition of propane are not as spectacular, and it was these particular expenses that I was lamenting as I crossed the highway to check my mailbox.

When I opened the mailbox flap, to my surprise I found what seemed to be a check from ASCAP. ASCAP, for those of you who may not know, is a songwriting society for composers that tracks broadcasts of artists original compositions and collects royalties for the transmission of the artists work. I was staring at a check for $194.29


I was somewhat astounded because after being a professional songwriter for many years and releasing many albums of original material I had yet to receive a check for airplay from ASCAP. I combed over the statement (there were 3 pages of info) and found that the royalties were from a cable re-transmission royalty from a television spot that was aired in Ireland. Apparently the spot was re-aired all over Europe. The statement listed 43 countries!

What the statement neglected to say was what the TV spot was for. Was it an Irish TV show? Was it a game show? Was it a commercial? I had no idea. Also, no entity had contacted me regarding a licensing fee to use my music in an international television spot. I called the ASCAP office in New York to glean more info. They told me that they had to send a request to the international division of ASCAP to find out more specifics. In a few days I got a response which said:




Holy crap!!

How did Lexus NOT contact me to use my music in a commercial that was aired in Ireland!?! This is crazy news…and now a bit of a headache because I have to follow up and find out all the details and eventually I need to contact Lexus and confront them about a licensing fee. Don’t get me wrong, I am SUPER thrilled to have my music placed in a Lexus commercial that aired overseas, however if they are using my music to help sell their expensive cars, then I am owed a licensing fee by law. Since they did not secure a licensing deal with me in the first place I am not sure what the legal ramifications are. I have some homework ahead of me and some fact gathering. My producer told me that I am for certain owed a licensing fee and he also said that I should look at this as a good headache to have. 🙂

A few days later I received an email from an LA music supervisor who asked me if I wanted him to submit my song “Evaporate” for a new show on History Channel called “BIKER BATTLEGROUND”. My producer and I told him to submit the song and now time will tell if it gets used. We have to wait until we see the cue sheets to find out how much of the song will get used. If it does get used then another royalty check will be in my future! Fingers crossed…

Later that same week I get an email from KPIG radio sales department telling me that they are going to feature my bands new CD on a new music segment called “Fresh Pork Chops”. The segment is a full week long and features two Brian Travis Band songs every night at 7pm. The segment also gives away 2 CD’s to callers who call in to win nightly. This is super exciting news because my music got exposed to new fans via radio FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK! I managed to record one of the segments off the KPIG app and uploaded it to soundcloud for y’all to check out:

The DJ, who is originally from the midest, was very tickled about the lyrics in “Taney County Town”. Hopefully tickled enough to play it in regular rotation on his shows. It sure felt good to hear Brian Travis Band on the radio!

So now I am just kicking it in The Ozarks, enjoying the fact that I now finally have internet connected to my little yellow house in Kissee Mills. The weather is gorgeous and I’m performing at the Taney County Fair tomorrow night and will be rocking The Classic Rock Coffee Co. in Springfield this Saturday, June 28th at 8pm.
Classic Rock Cafe

Here is a pic of myself and Sean Lighter playing acoustic at The Backstage Cafe & Wine Bar patio in Branson, MO


I’m very happy and enjoying a very different kind of life than I lived in LA. I’m discovering that traveling and performing all over the US is generating more and more interest in my music and I am very much looking forward to my upcoming Nashville adventures.

In the meantime, now that the midwest outpost of BTB ground zero is fully functional, here are some more pics for you:


Thanks for reading everyone! Please support this blog by re-posting and sharing it with anyone you think might enjoy it. I appreciate all the support and am feeling very satisfied with all the good things that are happening for The Brian Travis Band in 2014!

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