Post Production

I’m pleased to report that the new Brian Travis Band music video for our song “Siren” is officially in post production. I watched the second full edit of the video last night. It is still very raw and only a few shots have the full treatment with the visual effects and backgrounds in place, but even in this raw state, the video looks fantastic.

Here is a new production still showing you the evolution from hand drawn concept art to finished shot.

From concept art to final shot.

From concept art to final shot.

The Back Story: My director and I came up with the video concept/storyline in a single afternoon over a few drinks. I drew the concept art by hand based on thumbnail sketches from the director. I found props (including a boat) and secured locations and actors. We shot the video over 4 weekends in June. My director is now editing the video and adding effects and I am drawing the animated backgrounds for the flashback sequence. We’ve done this all on independent shoestring budget, squeezing in the work between my other paid gigs and my directors demanding day job.

I want to show you all examples of how the partially animated flashback sequence are going to look. I’ve created 2 (of 5) hand drawn backgrounds that I’ve colored in photoshop that will be used as set pieces and backdrops for the flashback scenes. Here are 2 shots with the backgrounds placed so you can see what this portion of the video will look like:

animate flashback sequences

I’m looking forward to finishing this up, but it’s not gonna happen anytime soon despite our combined determination to finish it. The process of cleaning up the shots and adding all the backgrounds and animated parts are just plain time consuming. The workload is staggering for 2 busy people, but we just keep chipping away at it. I’m hoping in another 3 or 4 weeks we will be close to finishing. As soon as I am done with this blog post I’m back to drawing more backgrounds.

It is important to mention that we are still accepting donations to fund this video project. All funds received will go towards marketing the video and submission fees for film festivals and such. We can certainly use whatever funds our fans (and appreciators of art in general) are willing to donate to the project. If you feel like our work ethic and production value on this project is worth funding, you can make a donation on the official Brian Travis Band website at this link:

We are accepting donations as low as $5 (feel free to contribute as many times as you like if you are able.) The maximum donation is $20 but you can contribute $20 as many times as you like via the paypal donation link on our website. We really appreciate the support. Without the support of the people who enjoy our music and creative work we would not be able to do any of this. Your continued support is HUGELY appreciated!

If you do make a donation, we will credit you in the video credits as an investor and you will get a free ticket to the premier screening of the video once it is completed.

I hope you enjoyed this update and I am looking forward to sharing the finished video with you all very soon!

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