Another completed solar orbit & Topanga Canyon bash.

Another year has rushed past me and another trip around the sun has come full circle. I’m another year older and I decided to celebrate it the best way I know how…by playing a show with my awesome band in a small, intimate venue with close friends and fans.

I booked the band in Topanga Canyon at a mexican restaurant called Abuelitas up a long and winding canyon road as an attempt to perform far away from the hip and cool parts of Los Angeles. I was looking for something a little more genuine and honest. I wanted to play a stripped down, raw show with a lot of heart and emotion. I wanted to be surrounded by good friends and people who were willing to make a trip off the beaten path. To my delight, the venue was packed full of great people. A wide cross section of old and new BTB fans along with a smattering of Topanga Canyon locals who frequent Abuelitas on Friday nights to catch the live music.

This is very crude video cut to together from iphone footage (much of it is sideways and focused on the dancing of the Topanga locals who frequent the venue) but it manages to accurately capture the high spirits and celebratory vibe that make Brian Travis Band shows worth catching live. The BTB are first and foremost a live band and we are happy to share some special moments from a very special BTB show.

Songs featured: “Fearless” (by Pink Floyd) “Gasoline” (by Brian Travis), “The State I’m In” (by Brian Travis).

Also here are a few pics from the gig that our fans have sent us:

BT and Joe giving it up in Topanga.

BT and Joe giving it up in Topanga.






There were many high moments from this show, but my favorite part was the intimate acoustic set we played smack in the middle of the first set. We brought our drummer off the kit and he sat up front with us to play a number of BTB tunes in an acoustic format for the fans who made the trip out to Topanga! It was a very special moment. Here is a pic taken during that set:

The acoustic set.

The acoustic set.

This very well may be the last full band show for a spell as I am trying to sort out a solo acoustic tour to parts unknown this fall. SF and Portland are on the table as well as a trip to Branson to see my dad and to play some gigs, and then the big trip to Nashville to push the Coyote & The Crow in that region. I’m sure I’ll be back as soon as I start to miss the ocean…but for now I am excited to play my music for people who have never heard my songs. I want to see how different areas of America respond to what I’ve built up here in LA. I’ve been in LA for over 10 years and have worked hard to make The Brian Travis Band a mainstay live act in this town. It’s time for me to hit the open road and see what the world has in store for me and my music. I have no idea what this trip will yeild or how long I’ll be gone. One thing I do know for sure is that it is going to be a grand adventure.

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