Backyard jams and CD Release gigs at Zoey’s and Skinny’s

A few weeks ago we performed two 45 min acoustic sets under the sun on a backyard stage in Oak Park at a private house concert. It was a well attended BTB show and we had a blast performing outside with so many of our friends in attendance.

Here is some footage from the event shot by George Landress:

The songs from our new CD were well received and everyone seemed to be having a really fun afternoon. We felt loved and supported and were very thankful for the experience and we hope to play more of these types of shows in the future.

One really nice addition to the BTB experience was our new friend Jenny who offered to work the door and the merchandise table. She collected the door donations with a smile and watched over the merch table as we played our show. Jenny was born for rock ‘n roll, and her energy was the perfect blend of sassy and sweet and it was good to have a merch girl/rock chick helping us out for the day. She is on board for our upcoming CD release party at Zoey’s in Ventura this Sat night, so be sure to come out to that show and say hello to her when you pick up your new BTB CD at the show!

Here is the poster art for our show at Zoey’s Cafe in Ventura:


I know it is a bit of a drive to Ventura for all you LA BTB fans, but on the plus side, you won’t have to trek to Hollywood on a crowded Sat night to fight for overpriced parking, a hefty door cover to see a swift “blink and you miss it” 30 min set. Zoey’s is giving us a full hour and a half to perform our new CD live in it’s entirety. That is a big reason why we chose Zoey’s for this special show. Instead you will enjoy a pleasant drive up the coast to see us perform at a venue that cares about quality live music. The amazing and talented band AEB opens at 7:30 and the BTB take the stage at 8:15. I promise it will be a night you will not soon forget!

If you just cannot find the motivation to drive to Ventura for our official CD release Party this Sat night, on Sat March 16th The Brian Travis Band will be at Skinny’s Lounge in North Hollywood performing our CD release show at 8pm and The lovely Annie Boxell will lend a sense of decorum to the proceedings at 7:30. Here is the poster for that show:


We hope to see you at one or more of these CD release shows to help us celebrate the release of our new CD, The Coyote & The Crow. An album that is already getting airplay on Buzz Radio on their Rock channel:

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