Yard Sale / 2013 Tour

So the general feedback from everyone who has heard my band’s new CD is that we have made a damn good album. I’m very proud of the music, the arrangements, the production and the songs. Now the big questions is: “How do we sell it?”.

Don’t worry, I’m not about to launch into a bitter diatribe about the current state of the music industry, or a tirade about illegal downloading and how it affects indie artists…you’ve all heard that from me before. The current state of the music business is what it is and we’ve got to find ways to make it work for us. I’ve never claimed to be a marketing genius, so I’m open to ideas…so if you have any brilliant schemes please feel free to post them in the comments below. I’m a bit old fashioned when it comes to promoting a new album. My guts tell me I need to tour to new and exotic places, spreading the BTB gospel and making new fans one show at a time.

In order to embark on a tour I need to come up with some scratch. This month I’ve hustled a few decent paying graphic design jobs but on top of that I’ve decided to sell off some of my worldly possessions. I spent the last week going through my comic books, my hardcover books, my record collection and anything else I can bear to part with in preparation to sell at a yard sale at my aunts house. I have 6 boxes of comics books. Most of the titles are stuff I collected from the age of 12 to 23. It has been a pleasure to go through this stuff to see what treasures I have. I have some pretty rare and valuable issues! Warning: From here on in this blog is going to get extremely nerd-tastic. For the uninitiated…feel free to skip ahead. For those who care, I have Amazing Spiderman # 252. First appearance of the black costume. Yessss. It’s worth about $250-$300. Thankfully the 13 year old version of myself obsessively saw fit to buy 5 of them and keep them in pristine condition.


I also have Daredevil #158 The first Frank Miller issue. It’s in damn good condition too… When I looked up how much it was worth (in top condition) I became short of breath and a little woozy when I saw a four digit figure. That’s right bitches. I have a comic book, bagged and boarded, that is possibly worth more than a grand. I also have Amazing SpiderMan 300 (first appearance of Venom) and a handful of other key issues that are worth a decent amount of dinero.


I also happen to have boxes of stuff that are worth very very little. DNAgents. John Sable: Freelance. Starslayer. E-Man. What was I thinking. These are terrible books (Okay the John Sables were fun to read…) and they are worth pennies. Then there are the great comics that are well drawn and excellently written that are near and dear to my heart that somehow are worth very little as well. I cannot fathom how Jim Starlin’s Dreadstar is not worth the paper it is printed on! Dreadstar is one of my favorite comic book series of all time. The story and art is fantastic. Why are they only worth $2.50 in mint condition? The 13 year old version of me and the current adult version of me are both mourning this horribly unfair turn of events.

In the better news department I have ALL the Dave Stevens Rocketeers! Even the first appearance of Rocketeer in Starslayer #2. Fuck Yeah. I rule.


I also have all the Bernie Wrighson/Len Wein Swamp Things and some signed Sergio Aragones Groo The Wanderer (the original PC Comics run). Going thru all these comic books have been such a nostalgic and wonderful experience. I found myself re-reading issues and gazing upon covers that I have not seen in many years. It was a time consuming process, but I am very happy I have had the time to do it.

The end result of this was the joy of finding out how much my collection is worth and the satisfaction of culling thru the good stuff and sifting out the less valuable issues. I now have a box and a half of comics that I am selling for CHEAP. I put these boxes (and a box of vintage MAD magazines) out at my yard sale last Sat and they went like hotcakes. I sold them for $1 each and liquidated half a box of comic books and ALL of the Mad Magazines. I sold a bunch of graphic novels and records and other knick-knacks to a very steady crowd of yard sale patrons. At the end of the day I still had a lot of surplus stock, but I also got rid of a good amount of it and I was $300 richer. That money is already spent in the form of parking tickets and DMV fees…but hey, it’s money that I can throw at some problems and eventually I will have everything taken care of and hopefully be ready to hit the road in spring 2013.

I read once that in order to make God laugh all you have to do is to tell him your plans…It is when you make plans that life seems to take it’s twists and turns to place you where you are supposed to be. Here I go again making plans. Plans to release a new album, plans to sell my possessions, plans to tour, plans to push this new music as hard as I can. I’m not sure what 2013 holds for me, but I am getting the feeling that I will end up where I am supposed to be. I’m ready to set sail across the continent with only my wits, The Spirit of 86 and the kindness of strangers. Keep watching this space to see how it all turns out. I’ll be documenting my journey as usual and posting my adventures, rants and musings.

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