What People Are Saying About The Coyote & The Crow!

The first round of feedback is coming in from the fans who placed pre-orders of the new Brian Travis Band album. Signed and numbered limited edition CD’s (first pressing of 100) were shipped out Dec 22nd and most people who have pre-ordered the CD have been listening to it for a few weeks now. I’ve asked people to get back to me with their thoughts about the new material and this is what I’ve received so far:

“So far I love this album as a whole, as a body of work, listening from start to finish it hangs so well together, rising and falling in all the right places. Today I am feeling the song ‘Evaporate'” – Richard Evans

“Started 2013 off by listening to The Coyote and the Crow by the Brian Travis Band. I am awestruck. I’m speechless. It sounds as if The BTB have stepped into every truly broken heart, took measurements and turned it into sound. The guitar work is phenomenal and Brian’s voice has really matured into a pretty powerful instrument. The Coyote & The Crow is a very strong lineup of songs from a band that has been releasing great music consistently for over 10 years. The music and lyrics of the BTB feed my soul and The Brian Travis Band are now my all time favorite band.” – Kender MacGowan

“I see Brian Travis growing as an artist, finding his voice and singing his truth. It is in truth that art reveals itself. Brian follows his heart, even if it hurts, and he has a gift. I hate to put new artists in a box when describing them, because the Brian Travis Band clearly sound like their own thing, but as I have never seen them perform live I am limited to making comparisons from the recorded material I’ve heard. It would appear that their ‘sound’ has grown from something Neil Young-ish to more Michael Stipe meets Fleetwood Mac. It is a sound that fits well for this group! Carry on Brian Travis Band!” – David Domanski

“I’ve always believed that this band is bound for the Grammys, and after hearing The Coyote & The Crow I am certain that it won’t be much longer before I am tuning in to see them accepting ‘best new artist’. The new album is awesome and it really rocks!” – Janice Miller

“Talent springs forth out of the beautiful struggles of Brian Travis’ soul, and is matched, note for note, by extraordinary musicianship. This is not just soundtrack worthy thought candy – The music perfectly emphasizes, dances, and twirls around the heartfelt universal themes and stories of the poet. If you like words that paint pictures in your mind, and music that frames and vibrantly colors the narrative, this album will be one of your favorites forever.” – Danny Quisenbury,

“Love the new cd Brian! I just got to listen to it with my headphones…..boy….I gotta great feeling for you this coming year….Piping hot man…..Take me with you!!!!!” – Heather Epper

“I LOVE the album!” – Barbara Wilder

“Listened to The new BTB album and loved it! You guys are truly amazing. You sound great! I bet watching you guys live performing your new songs would be epic.” – Lauren Ashley Sanchez

“I’ve listened to the album twice and overall it’s really really good stuff. I love the writing. Really creative. ‘Howl’ and ‘All These Lovely Things’ really stood out to me. Really super catchy…delicious pop music. I love the whole album. Thematically it has a cohesion to it, its got themes that run through it and the production is impeccable. Everything sounded great and really tasty guitar work and just great writing..really great writing. I think The Brian Travis Brian has that REM vibe and I think they are every bit as good as those guys. I’m planning to listen to the album some more and dig into it further, but I really really like it and I think it’s great stuff and I think you guys are going to have a lot of success with it. That is my initial take from a few listenings and I definitely want to listen some more because I really like it. You guys should feel really great about the project, you should feel really good about it” – Bill Burnett

I am humbled and honored by this kind of praise. If you are curious to hear samples of the music for yourself, feel free to listen to this soundcloud file which contains snippits of EVERY SONG on the new CD:

The Coyote & The Crow officially drops on Feb 16th 2013, but we are accepting pre-orders for the second pressing now to help fund the duplication and promotion of the album. Feel free to deposit $15 to tastethismoment@hotmail.com via paypal today and we will ship your CD to you as soon as we press it!

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