I’m a graphic designer but I am not a web developer. I can design the look and layout of a site but I do not code. Fortunately I know someone who does and she has been helping the Brian Travis Band since before the BTB existed. I met her when I was still playing in bands in northern California. She first saw my band “Wishcraft” perform at The Dickens Christmas Faire in SF many moons ago and shortly after that, offered to help me with my website and she has been helping me with all things web-related ever since.

I’ve gone on to become adept at graphic design and make my living as a freelance designer. I mostly do rock posters, band logos, small business logos, tee shirt design and most recently I’ve been doing movie poster design. People ask me all the time if I do web stuff and maybe someday I will learn to code and such, but for now, below is a sneak peak of what I designed as a re-vamp for A big THANK YOU goes out to my web developer Gwen for coding this site as I write this!

Beginning design mock ups for the new and improved

These are just my first design mock ups. A lot has changed in application (had to go with function over form in some cases).

Music page mock up

I decided to utilize soundcloud to create samples of each album for people to listen to and provided a brief description of each release next to the album art.

Here is the final draft of the store page mock up

I just finished up this Store page mock up earlier tonight. I had to create all the icons for the merch and lay it out in a way that looked exciting and pleasing to the eye. The re-vamp of has been a long time coming, but it is finally happening and I am looking forward to launching it in tandem with the release of the new BTB album!

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