New album update.

I know I’ve been MIA in regards to this blog, but my time has been spent in various recording studios, feverishly laying down tracks for the new Brian Travis Band album with the goal of having a full length record mastered by Christmas. Yes, I still call them “albums” and “records”…I have an aversion to calling my collections of recorded works “CD’s” but I suppose I will release this music on CD first (a limited run) but if the recordings sell well enough I will look into pressing vinyl because in addition to it’s analog sonic attributes, I want to own a copy of The Coyote & The Crow on LP to add to my personal record collection. How cool would it be to flip past my own record on my way to a Queen, Led Zep, or Who album!? How cool to listen to side A and then flip it over to side B?

The recording sessions have been going really well however we are really under the gun to finish it all up. It’s mid November now and there is still a good amount of work to do. We tracked the basic tracks (drums and bass) for the last 4 songs a few weeks ago at an amazing recording facility called Stagg Street Studio. We’ve spent the last 2 weeks working on all the overdubs at my producer’s home studio in the Hollywood hills. Last week was acoustic guitar tracks and lead and harmony vocals. This week we finished up all the guitar parts for all 4 songs. We only have a few more auxiliary recording sessions to go and then we are done with tracking. We have 7 songs mixed and ready to master and 4 more to add to that once they are mixed. I think we are barely gonna make the Christmas deadline. We are still accepting pre orders too. Pre-ordering the album is the best way to help us manufacture this release and the best way to support the band, not to mention you will receive a signed copy of the album (er…CD) 6 weeks prior to it’s Feb 2013 release date.

Here is an ad we’ve created with all the pre-order info:

Here are also a few pics of George Landress, Joe and I in the studio tracking guitars:

I for one am looking forward to sharing this music with the world. This album has been cathartic for me, and the band has never sounded better and this particular collection of songs are probably the most dear to me because they are all thematically inter-related and together tell a story that I have an emotional connection to. They are well written songs, and well arranged and well produced. The album was written and recorded over the course of a full year (one whole trip around the sun!) and we could not be more proud of these songs and this album!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. The BTB will be back on tour in support of The Coyote & The Crow in the spring! Be sure to catch one of our CD release shows, we have some special stuff in store for you at those shows.

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