The Bigger Picture

Now that the band and I are hard at work with the recording of our new album with George Landress, I wanted to shine a beacon on our previous album which I feel should be downloaded much more than it has been so far. The physical copies have sold out and it is currently only available as a digital download on itunes.

Here is the link to itunes where you can download the album if you have not already done so:

The Brian Travis Band - The Bigger Picture

Also, here are a few album reviews from people who have bought the record:

“THE BIGGER PICTURE combines pristine production with the intensity of a live performance. The catchy tunes and memorable lyrics will have you singing along the first time you hear it… These songs have hooks, and run the gammit from roots to rock. This new release by the Brian Travis Band will be a welcome addition to anyone’s CD collection!” Dave Strauss, Esoteric Times May 2009 Edition.

“While ‘Past the Breakers’ showed us the artistry of the BTB, ‘The Bigger Picture’ shows us the range of this phenomenal group of artists. From the catchy and hard hitting opening of Take Away, an anthem of surviving relationships or the music industry (take your pick) to the mellow strains of Beautiful Life the BTB takes you on a ride of finely crafted music and lyrics speaking of the travails of life and ultimately the greatness of the human spirits ability to overcome.” Kender MacGowan

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