A gig in San Diego.

A few weeks ago, The Brian Travis Band embarked on a short road trip to play at Claire De Lune in San Diego. I had booked the show months back based on the suggestion of a friend who lives in SD who first saw us play in Huntington Beach almost a year ago now.

The band and I had performed at the Studio Pyxis art show the night before and we were all a bit weary when we met up the next day around 1pm at studio 9 to load up the gear into our drummer’s SUV and drive down south.

Our guitar player Joe had never been south of LA before, so hew was excited to get out of LA and see something a bit different. It was Cinco De Mayo so we decided to stop for tacos on our way to the venue.

While driving the rest of the way down a car next to us on the freeway ran over an errant piece of wood that was on the freeway and a vile piece of that wood flew up into the air striking the passenger side mirror and destroying it! It happened quick and was certainly an unavoidable and unfortunate mishap. We lamented the fact that any money we made from the gig would now have to go towards replacing the side view mirror on Mark’s SUV. Joe was adamant that all the gig money go towards the mirror, but Mark (our drummer), being the pragmatic and laid back California resident that he is, felt like it was an “act of God” and wanted to split the gig money equally as originally planned.

We arrived at the venue (after overshooting the exit and going a bit out of our way) early and began to set up the stage at our leisure. While we were setting up, a BTB alumnist Manny Vega arrived with his bass guitar. Manny used to play with The Brian Travis Band circa 2003-2006. He toured the UK with us and played countless shows with us on both upright bass and electric bass. He also recorded upright bass guitar parts on our all acoustic CD, “Sense of Place” recorded by Cyrus Clarke on and indie label called Ranch Records based out of Santa Barbara.

Manny had agreed to fill in on bass for this show, and it was great to play with him again! He is such a mellow dude and a great musician. After correcting a few issues with the set in regards to finding the proper key signature, we were all set to start the show. My friend (and amazingly intelligent mathematics professor) Diane showed up with a big group of people to see us play. Some old friends from LA who now lived in SD also made it out to the show. Some new fans who live in San Diego who happened to see us perform in LA, and a few of my lovely and special friends from my 2011 Burning Man camp also showed up! All in all we had a very good audience. It was a kick to play to such a large audience so far from home and so far from our fan base.

It was a very relaxed set and turned out to be a great show. We enjoyed ourselves a lot and managed to make the drive back to LA without further incident. We look forward to returning to Claire De Lune this summer! We hope all our San Diego fans come back again and spread the word!

I’ll leave you all with some video footage from the San Diego show…

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