Pino Griegio and laying down electric guitar parts.

It was a rare cold and rainy day in LA yesterday, and when it gets drizzly in LA everyone drives with their lights on. I was driving around Burbank running errands and when I stopped for coffee I managed to leave the lights on in my car. This subsequently resulted in the death of my car battery which I discovered once I tried to drive to my recording session with my producer and guitarist. A quick phone call to AAA and soon I was getting a jump and back on the road. I sent a text to my producer to let him know I was gonna likely be late to the session and he assured me that there would be Pino Griegio, honey’d goat cheese, apples and crackers waiting for me when I got there!

I ended up beating them to the studio by 10 minutes, and once they arrived we loaded the equipment and George took out the spread and set it up on a little table in the entryway. Soon we realized in horror that no one had brought a corkscrew. This was a bonifide emergency. I had a tools in my car and I went out to get a screwdriver, a screw and some needle-nose pliers. After a few failed attempts, we managed to finally get it open. Crisis averted!

Here is a pic of the array of tools used to get the cork out of the Pino Griegio bottle:

After snacking on the delicious food and after a glass of wine we were ready to get going. We worked on a few songs, tracking a lot of guitar parts and being very productive.

We recorded at Dennis Moody studio, a Grammy winning studio space with gold records on the walls.

Our new album is sounding great. We left the studio well after midnight, after a long 5 hour session. Here are some pics of the session:

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