2012 off to a great start.

Happy New Year! George Landress and the BTB have been hard at work on the new recordings. We started 2012 off right with a recording session at the very amazing Stagg Street Studios. Everyone from the Chili Peppers to The Pixies have recorded there, and now the BTB are haunting the halls as well!

During the latest session I filmed footage with my flip video camera to share with you all. Enjoy the video and be sure leave comments!

The band and I are working hard prepping for our next show on Jan 27th at Bar Pico. We have been asked back to Bar Pico after our amazing gig there last month. I enjoyed designing a new poster for this show and I am very proud of this one…mostly because of the distress/texture and effect that I achieved on the photo and the background. Also, I think out logo looks pretty rad in this poster.

During set break I will be in the audience taking pictures to post on the next blog installment, so if you come to the show on Jan 27th your pic could end up in this very blog!

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