My life in a recording studio.

For a songwriter, recording original songs that you have composed is the bees knees. It is like painting with sound. It is like building a house made of frequency. You lay down the drums and bass (the foundation) and then layer everything from there. I’ve been recording my own songs ever since I splurged on a tape 4 track recorder with the money from my first tax return.

Now of course, I have garageband. Now I record on my mac to track up new musical concepts and to lay down guitars and vocals as demo recordings for these new song ideas. Last week I was in my rehearsal studio working on a new song called “All These Lovely Things”. I got so into the tracking and editing on this song that I did not wrap things up until 2:30am and decided to just lay down and crash at my studio space because I was too tired to drive home.

A few days later I was booked to track acoustic guitar overdubs with my producer at his home studio in the Hollywood hills. I arrived at his place on a drizzly and overcast southern California morning and we spent the better part of the day cutting takes and playing around with rhythm strumming ideas and explored the sonic merits of playing the guitar both with and without a plectrum.

The very next day I made my way to engineering/recording department of the Artist Institute in Santa Monica as a guest artist to record a demo of one of my new songs with a friend,fan, and recording engineer student named Taylor. Taylor and another student named Vickey diligently slaved away in the studio to capture a simple acoustic song of mine called “Bird of Prey” that I wrote on mandolin earlier this year. We had already cut acoustic guitar and vocals and we added drums, percussion, bass and backing vocals to the mix during this session. We had a great time and were very productive.

I’ll be heading back into the studio for an all night session that will last from 8pm to 8am. It seems like I am spending a lot of time in recording studios lately and for that I feel blessed. It is an honor to spend your life doing what you love to do and I give thanks for every opportunity I have to live a creative life.

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