The Chocolate & Art Show.

Not sure if anyone has noticed or not, but it has been over a year since The Brian Travis Band have played in a traditional venue. We have ceased to participate in the exploitation that bands endure by playing in LA clubs where you have to spend every dime in your budget promoting the show to your friends to get them to come to the gig, pay for parking, pay a cover charge and then pay for drinks to see your band play a quick “blink-and-you-miss-it” 45 min set of 6 or 7 songs only to get herded out of the club to make room for the next band and their audience.

The BTB have taken to playing opening sets for other bands, or playing headlining slots at cafes, boutiques and Art galleries. We are not getting paid to play these shows, however we DO NOT HAVE TO PAY anything to play them either. Sometimes we even sell a few CD’s if all the planets align correctly and if Venus is in the 7th house of Jupiter during the spring equinox.

One such “alternative venue” show was our recent appearance at The Chocolate & Art show in Koreatown at The Monk Space on Sept 17th 2011. We played 2 sets of music in front of a very receptive audience in a nice sounding room with all kinds of artwork adorning every inch of wall space. It was a nice setting for us to play our blend of folk-rock to an audience of artists and art appreciators.

Underneath my dusty bowler is a crop of HOT PINK hair…It happened to go well with backdrop of vibrant colored artwork that filled the walls.

Sitting in with us is Aeb. An amazonian beauty who rocks the jazz flute like no other! She sat in with us on a really special version of “Siren” that brought the house down.

This was the 3rd song in our set. A rousing version of ‘Wasteland’ complete with Jason “Ace” Gonzales on Mandolin.

Here is The Brian Travis Band version of “Pirates Cove” by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers from their most recent (and best) CD, Mojo. Pay close attention to the break after the second verse…you will witness a very rare and early attempt at a guitar solos by yours truly. As a songwriter I do not take solos often, however I think I sort of nailed this one!

All in all it was a great night of music and the venue was really appreciative of our contribution to the night. Thanks to Annie Boxell for snapping pics and what would I do without my flip video camera to capture the shows live…(apologies to Mark Wickliff for accidentally cutting him out of the live video shots..when you do the video yourself, it is hard to get it perfect, especially when you have to focus on performing onstage…I just set it up and hit record and did not have the luxury to check the angle of the shot to make sure it caught the whole band. But you can hear mark rocking those drums with authority!)

I hope you enjoy the footage and I hope to see *YOU* at our next show…at an alternative venue of course!

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