Doubleshot BTB weekend coming up!

This weekend my band are playing two shows back to back on Saturday (June 18th) and Sunday (June 19th). Both shows are stripped down acoustic shows in alternative venues, free admission and on Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood.

The first show is a return to one of our favorite haunts The Cafe MUSE and the second show is at a brand new venue for us called The Surly Goat. The Cafe MUSE show will feature two 45 minute sets starting at 9pm and ending around 11pm and we are going to be practicing for a few days this week at my rehearsal studio to get back in shape for such a long show. The Surly Goat show will be a quick ‘blink-and-you-miss-it” 35 min set where we will likely just play the ‘hits’ and ‘standards’ as fast and furious as we can.

Since I write lyrics that seem to contain a lot of visual imagery I’ve been designing show posters that are inspired by the visuals in some of my songs. My last series of show posters had the “coyote and the crow” motif from the lyrics of “I Need To Know” and this latest show poster features an underwater sprite that is obviously inspired by the mermaid lore that I explored in my new song “Siren”. (PS. I know that Mermaids and Sirens are two different nautical creatures…but poetic license is an amazingly forgiving literary device that I use liberally.

Here is the poster in all of it’s glory:

Here is a recycled poster design for The Surly Goat show. I enhanced a vintage design I did years ago (when I had long hair and completely different band members). I’ve always liked this combination of drawing and photographic elements so I recolored this one and added new show information to create a brand new poster out of something old:

(As a side note: feel free to contact me if you need graphics for any project. I’ve been doing this sort of stuff for a while and am getting better and better at it. If you want to have a look at my portfolio here is the link: Coyote Muse Creations

Also, I am thrilled to report that an ex band-mate of mine (Cynthia Moon) who used to sing with me in a few musical projects I fronted while living in Northern California (‘Third Wish’ and ‘Wishcraft’) will be in LA this weekend and has agreed to sit in with The BTB to lend her amazing harmonies to a few of my songs at the Cafe MUSE show this Sat night!

Her vocal style can be heard on my first two albums “Wish” and “There From Here” and she is an amazing singer and a dear friend and I am very excited to be performing with her again this weekend. Cynthia and I started singing together when we started a project called “Third Wish” in the late 90’s and we got really lucky as we discovered very quickly that our vocal blend was one of those rare blends that complement each other and fit together in a great way tonally. When we sing together things just sort of ‘click’ and I can pretty much guarantee that if you come out to the show this Sat night, you will witness something pretty special.

I’ll report more after the gig and I hope to see you there!

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