The Curse of The Spirit Of 86…

Okay…I know that depressing blog posts are no fun to read. I swear to you all that the tone of future posts are going to take a turn for the upbeat…my luck is bound to change, but right now, life seems to be hell bent on dishing me the worst possible things, one on top of the next. It has been a rather craptastic spring to say the least. I am hopeful that summer will redeem my spring 2011. But for now, the latest in a string of car misfortune has taken place and I feel like I have to document it:

So, I named my car The Spirit of 86 for two reasons: 1. April 12th 1986 was the year I realized that I wanted to pursue my dreams of making music. Also, the make of my new/used car is a 1986 Honda SI Hatchback.

I love my car and it’s namesake…but my car has once again forsaken me. You see, last Tuesday, after driving it to Granada Hills and back on Monday night (despite having heaps of praise showered down upon it regarding the smoothness of the ride and the champion nature of it’s ability to endure as a testament to the craftsmanship of Japanese engineering) The Spirit of 86 decided to stall out and then cease running altogether.

To add insult, I had just loaded up the hatchback to the brim with all kinds of stuff to take to the Salvation Army. After it stalled and ceased to start…I sat in disbelief trying again and again to turn over the engine as a high pitched “SCREEEEEEEEEEE” emitted from the engine. I kept thinking, “Maybe if I just let it rest, it will start”. This should tell you how much I know about cars, or shed light on how much I do not know about the mechanics of them. I was was 5 minutes into an inner dialogue, convincing myself that if I started burning incense and praying to my deity of choice that the engine might magically fix itself and I could be one step closer to donating my Neil Diamond records and pre Tommy Shaw era Styx CD’s to a Los Feliz thrift store, when I accepted the fact that the car was officially dead and not going to run anywhere without the help of an actual mechanic.

The procrastinator in me decided to wait until the next morning to deal with it. Thankfully I had been able to pull over into a legal parking spot on the street when it stalled as I was going downhill and was able to sort of roll into a parking spot. As I was walking back to my place, I remembered that I splurged on a AAA membership shortly after buying the car which meant that towing it somewhere would not be an issue, nor would it cost me anything at all! I congratulated myself for buying a AAA membership. Maybe I am finally becoming a grown up after all.

I called AAA the following morning and the tow truck arrived in less than 7 minutes. We proceeded to tow the car to Pacific Auto where an really fair and talented mechanic named Jimmy totally hooked me up with great service and quick turnaround, and best of all, a decent price (only $200!) to replace my damaged timing belt. Everyone has told me that $200 is super reasonable for a timing belt repair. I got really lucky finding Jimmy and Pacific Auto and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He saved my butt. He even let me drive off in my newly fixed car after agreeing to let me pay him off in installments, as at the time I did not have the $200 all at once.

In other news, I have been spending the days (that I am not shackled to my laptop doing graphic design jobs) writing and recording a lot of new music with my new guitar player/producer. We have been re-arranging old songs and writing brand new ones…also cutting weak choruses and writing stronger ones and adding pre-choruses to a lot of the songs. New chord progressions have been written and everything is sounding heavier and more rocking. Joe is seriously an amazing producer and arranger. It feels like I am finally working with someone who is bringing more to the table than just playing my songs with me. Joe is making the music stronger. We are making music that seems more radio friendly and full of catchy parts that are pretty strong. His guitar arrangements are pretty epic and the vocal melodies are more interesting in a lot of ways. I’ve never made music like this…I think that people will be shocked at how different it is when they finally hear what we have been creating.

The last thing I will leave you with is a video of my song, “Before The World Ends” in light of the possible rapture that is predicted for this weekend. Cheers!

One thought on “The Curse of The Spirit Of 86…

  1. Dude, keep the faith and keep on rocking…nothing worth doing has been done without overcoming obstacles….I mean, where would the fun in THAT be?

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