Left handed instruments (and other gear) for sale!

There comes a point in the life of every musician when he/she must sell off some gear. After playing music professionally since 1997 and never once selling an instrument or an old piece of gear, I have accumulated a lot of cool stuff. My studio space is littered with gear and it is simply time to let some of it go. Plus, times are hard and I need the scratch!

I have decided to let go of some of my well maintained instruments and music equipment that I am no longer using. Here is a detailed list (along with pics) of the music gear that I am selling:

1. 2006 Left Handed Garrison Acoustic Guitar – Bought this as a second guitar for the stage…sort of a cheaper guitar to go traveling with that I would not be terrified of damaging. Paid $750 for it in 2006. It has held up well. A small crack just above the cutaway, but it doesn’t seem to affect the playing or the sound. The action is great, and the tonality has been really rich and powerful. Great electronics and has been a great acoustic/electric for me, but I just play my old Canadian made Norman acoustic much more often. Willing to let this go for $400. Case included.

2. 1998 Left Handed Soundgear Bass Guitar – Bought this bass to play bass on my 4 track recordings before the days of digital hard disk recording! Very minimal use, only played for recording, therefore like new. Plays very nicely. $350

3. Left Handed Roland VS880 Hard Disk Recorder (Just kidding, it is not specifically made for leftys…but I can throw in some left handed picks if you need them!) This machine is awesome in an early 90’s kind of way. For one, it is the make and model that I recorded my “There From Here” album on and these machines also recorded one of the best sounding digitally recorded albums of all time, Sufjan Stevens invites you to: Come on feel the Illinoise. I will regrettably let this vintage, yet highly durable (have heard stories of these things being left out in the rain and still working…) recording tool go at $150.

4. Line 6 Pod Pro. Great amp modeling unit for the guitar. This bad boy comes with a rack and the pod effects pedal board included all for $400. Am I crazy? I think I must be. This exceptional piece of gear cost me $699 new and I have barely used it. It is in perfect condition and works flawlessly. Here is a link to drool over the specs.

5. PA Head. Originally built by a sound equipment rental company in Santa Cruz, I bought this 6 channel head along with 2 speakers. The speakers are long gone, and I would like to find this mixer a good home. It still works fine, some knobs are missing…easy to replace. Great for anyone who needs a sturdy PA head for cheap! $50.

I live in LA and all my gear is in a studio space in Hollywood. If you need me to ship anything, I’m willing to ship it to you, however you will have to pay the shipping costs. I also have some pedals and such that I would like to sell, but will post those in a separate blog post. If you see anything you like, you can make me an offer in the comments section, or email me: tastethismoment@hotmail.com



4 thoughts on “Left handed instruments (and other gear) for sale!

  1. say it aint so! hey I like the left handed four track
    been looking for a cheap recording device. mike walters has one to use at his place but I never make it over their.
    P.S. If I remember correctly I was an original investor in the PA system from back in the early days of Far Left?

    Email me about the hard disk recorder, do you still have it?
    thanks and hope things are well

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