Playing w/ real rock stars this Saturday Feb 26th 2011 in Huntington Beach.

A little less than a week ago Jay Aston, the lead singer of Gene Loves Jezebel, sent me a facebook message asking if my band wanted to open for a very special acoustic performance with James Stevenson (founding member of GLJ and who also currently plays guitar with The Alarm). Being a massive Alarm fan and a huge GLJ fan as well, I could not turn down another opportunity to play with these guys, so I accepted the gig.

I am excited to announce that this Saturday, Feb 26th my band will be sharing the night with Jay and James performing acoustic in support of their “storytellers style” acoustic set at Fitzgeralds in Huntington Beach.

Fitzgeralds is located at 19171 Magnolia in Huntington Beach, CA 92646 and we go on at 9pm. This is going to be a very special show and I cannot put into words how great this night is going to be and how important it is to not miss this one. Jay and James are true rock stars and this will be a big night in BTB history.

If you happen to know people who live in or around the Huntington Beach area who would like our music and who would enjoy this show, please feel free to help us spread the word and encourage people to attend. It is our first time playing at Fitzgeralds and we would love to make a good first impression by packing the venue with a good sized crowd!

I was given a promotional poster by Gene Loves Jezebel’s agent asking me to post it around for promotion. I found the poster they sent me to be a little um…well, uninteresting. As a graphic designer, with rock ‘n roll poster art to be my specialty, I felt compelled to create something a little more festive. Below are the two posters side by side. If you like my improvements and my style of design please feel free to hire me for all your graphic needs. Yes, I do websites.

The above is the original poster art…below is my re-designed piece:

For the record, this is not the first time I’ve performed with Jay Aston and James Stevenson. They first asked my group to play with them a few years back when they were passing through LA and performing at the now closed Safari Sams. We busted our asses and promoted shamelessly and got about 50 or 60 BTB fans in the door to see our support set.

Jay Aston and I share a few things in common the first being our birthday. He was born on Aug 22nd just like myself. We are both born on the Leo/Virgo cusp. We also share a common need to be adored and are both of the opinion that the world and everything in it was pretty much created to recognize us as the talented and regal creatures that we are while bowing down before our obvious royalty. At the Safari Sams show, there happened to be a smattering of catered food and drinks backstage and one bottle of Merlot and a few wine glasses laid out. Naturally since both Jay and I have the same Leo tendencies, we each assumed that the wine was set out for us. While I am man enough to admit that I was in the wrong to imbibe a bit of Gene Loves Jezebels backstage wine, in the moment that I was drinking a glass to relax a bit before my set, it in no way crossed my mind that the wine was specifically left for Jay.

When we were finished with our set, my band and I, covered in sweat from our rocking, entered the backstage area where we found Jay lamenting about the half drank bottle of Merlot. He sort of looked at the wine and looked at me and asked, “What happened here?” and I admitted, “we had a glass before our set, to help us relax” and Jay just looked at the bottle, sighed a heavy sigh and said, “Brian…I would have thought someone with your level of experience would know better”. I met his stare, smiled a mischievous grin and responded, “I’m so sorry Jay, I had no idea, I thought the wine was there for the band who brought the larger audience to the show…?” Oh snap. Jay didn’t exactly smile at that immediately but he broke out into a slight grin eventually when he saw that I was taking the piss out of him and then he uttered, “touche…but do not think for one second that you are getting out of owing me a bottle of Merlot!”

I would have bought him a bottle right then and there, however the bar did not sell bottles. I’m pretty sure I bought him a glass towards the end of the night…but I am planning on buying a bottle of something good and presenting it to him on stage this Saturday. I assure you that you do not want to miss the end of this friendly Leo rockstar saga! I suggest you make it to the Fitzgeralds gig this Sat night!

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