Poster Art for BT solo show at Peets

Poster Art for BT solo show at Peets

Originally uploaded by artrock1986

I thought I should finally post some of my art on this here blogroll. I’ve been booked for a solo acoustic show (my first in about a year) and I am really excited about it. Playing with a band is really really great, but there is something special about filling an hour with stories and nothing but the songs you have written played on a lone acoustic.

Here is the poster I designed for the show. The art is inspired by the lyrics to one of my songs, Dive. If you look closely you can see some of the lyrics in the background peeking through the gradient.

I plan on opening this solo acoustic show with that song…it was originally written and recorded for my 1999 album “There From Here” and it is a song I have not performed live in many years. If there is anyone out there who has been waiting for me to play this song again you will get your chance to hear it on June 19th at Peets in Huntington Beach.

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