House Concerts

The Brian Travis Band played a house concert at a private Boutique in Venice last week. It was really fun to play acoustic and at a volume where ever single note and harmony could be heard clearly. The songs really seemed to connect with the 30 or so people that were sitting in rows in front of us and the lights were dim and our host Deb was lighting sticks of incense and it was just a very Venice beach experience.

We played 2 sets and took a nice long break between. It is pretty standard to lose 1/2 your audience when you stop playing and take a break. To my surprise everyone stayed and we even got a few more people in the door for the second set, including a wayward Dustin Hoffman who happened to be listening outside the door on the street and came in, sat down and listened to 3 or 4 tunes before stealthily exiting before our set was over!

I like the intimate feel of Private House Concert gigs. I would like to do more. If anyone is interested in hosting one with The Brian Travis Band, feel free to get in touch. Email me at

For more info about what exactly a house concert is, this website offers some good information:

or the Wiki definition:

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