Another Trip Around The Sun…

I am about to complete another trip around the sun and once again I am going to celebrate by doing what I do. I’m playing a show with my band at The Hotel Cafe on Aug 21st. Aug 22nd is my actual birthday, but I am hoping to be in the middle of some magical jam when midnight rolls around. It has been quite a year…but I am looking forward to the next one. I feel healthier, more rested and more fit than I have in eons. I am in a new emotional state and learning a lot about myself. But it is not easy. I’ve been working freelance in a tough economy but barely making ends meet. Learning a lot about radical self reliance.

The band is still going strong. The Brian Travis Band cannot die it seems. It just keeps morphing into something new…I let go a long time ago and am resigned to following my muse. She has been showing me some interesting musical places. I want to breath new life into old ideas, I want to do something completely different. I want to tear it all down and build it all up again.

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