My whole life has changed…

In the midst of all the preparations for my CD release show at The Hotel Cafe, I got a text message from a buddy who hired me to teach his girlfriend how to use adobe illustrator. I’ve been doing tee shirt graphics on the computer for years now, making ends meet doing it, but have been laid off since December on 2008 and for the last 5 months I’ve been getting by on freelance jobs and teaching/tutoring.

In the text message, my friend asked if he could refer me to someone else who needed adobe illustrator assistance. Within 5 minutes, I was getting a call from a guy named Joel asking me to come out to his place in Malibu for a quick tutorial of the program. I arrived at Joels’ Place and was amazed by the physical display of wealth that was his home. His house was located a few miles up a hill on the coast of Malibu and is easily one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The home office where he works overlooks the ocean and he is married to a very famous pin up artist named Olivia.

After about 6 hours of tutoring, Joel offered me a job designing tee shirts based on Olivia’s Bettie Page illustrations. I now work alongside Olivia as we design a new line of Bettie Page garments. It is a fantastic gig that is paying me what I am worth (double what I’ve made in the past) and I am very thankful for the opportunity to work alongside an artist who has had so much financial success from being an artist.

The only downside to this arrangement is that the hours have cut into my time promoting my latest CD release and I am now back to juggling my music career with a day job. So this new job is change A.

Change B is my new CD. I’ve finally released a follow up to my 2004 release (Past The Breakers) with a new effort called The Bigger Picture. The CD release party was tremendously successful and I sold a good number of CD’s right out of the gate at this show. The new music has a much more soulful sound than my last record. The songs are stronger too. Its the album I wanted to make and it has a very live feel. Here are a few comments from people who have heard the CD:

“I just finished listening to the new Brian Travis Band album for like the fourth time in a row and OH MY GOODNESS!
It turned out amazing! I listened to every song going “this is now my new favorite BTB song.” and then the next song would come on and I would think, “oh wait, THIS is my new favorite BTB song.” and the CD would start over and the pattern continued. I really loved everything on it. Definitely an album I’ll be showing all of my friends. The recording was clean and beautiful, the songs were well played and sung, and the all around feeling of this album just felt fresh. Well done guys, you have my praise.”

-Teresa V. (BTB fan) Simi Valley

“The Bigger Picture combines pristine production with the intensity of a live performance. The Catchy Tunes and memorable lyrics will have you singing along the first time you hear it. These songs have hooks and run the gammit from roots to rock. This new release by The Brian Travis Band would be a welcome addition to anyone’s CD collection.”

-Dave Strauss / Flat Cat Radio DJ and Editor of Esoteric Times

So far so good…I need to do a LOT more CD promotion to make the most of what I have created, but its getting a warm reception.

Change C is a girl. I met someone at the LA Burning Man Decompression Party last fall. I liked her straight away. She is a Steampunk, she likes fire and has anarchist tendencies. We’ve been out on about 5 dates since then. I knew something was different about this person because it took me FOREVER to work up the courage to even kiss her – which is very unlike me. She came out to visit me prior to my CD release show last Sat and managed to commandeer some space in this petrified rock of a heart that I thought was uninhabitable.

So now I have a new job, new CD, and am faced with the possibility of a new person in my life. My life is totally different than it was before 2 weeks ago. One of the best and worst things about life is its crazy habit of twisting and turning leaving you no clue as to where it is going to lead. This time, the dice landed on some lucky numbers and I am living in abundance. I’d like to think that all of my hard work had something to do with it. People keep telling me I deserve all the good things that are happening to me right now. In the end, I’m not sure if it is karma or blind luck. I’m just thankful for the blessings and am trying to stay balanced so I can ride this wave all the way into shore.

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