The Tules of Pronis.

At band rehearsal today the guys and I got a lot of great work done. We just got out of our heads and let our preconceptions of how a BTB rehearsal is supposed to be fall away and just jammed. We jammed on a few things we made up and then began to work on sketches of new song ideas and managed to create an entire arrangement for a new song. I always love these rehearsals…the ones where you get a lot of work done by not having an upcoming show to prep for.

We recorded the arrangements we made using a recording device called a ‘Zoom’. Its a great little piece of gear that allows us to record our sessions and listen to them back as MP3 files on the computer later. Looking around our studio it became apparent that we could indeed record a lo-fi albums worth of songs right there in the recording studio with the assorted gear we already have.

The conversation soon devolved into banter about Pro Tools software and then my drummer proclaimed, “The Tools of Proness!” The way it came out, it sounded very much like a landmark in Tolkiens’ Middle Earth. As in, “The fellowship arrived weary and beleaguered at the precipice of the Tules of Pronis!”

“Only the mightiest of musicians, without ego or insecurity can withstand the mighty red light of the Tules of Pronis!!!”

“Only the strongest and most focused mind can withstand the vile and nefarious binds of option anxiety delivered by the Tules of Pronis!”

And, finally…simply: “BEWARE THE TULES OF PRONIS!”

This made us laugh hysterically for about 20 minutes. After we calmed down we came to the conclusion that the Tules of Pronis was a great name for a band. We have since decided to gig under the name “Captian Obvious & The Tules of Pronis” when we play a mostly cover song gig in Big Bear in April…

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