Knocked Down.

I am currently in bed, knocked down from a virus that has been tiptoeing around my world since a few weeks prior to my Molly Malones set on Jan 29th.  My body and my brain often make deals regarding the appropriate time for an illness to take hold.  When I have a show coming up my brain goes into deep negotiations with my body extolling the importance of not being sick for a live show.  My body usually offers up a trade…going something like this, “You can have a 100% healthy body for another 2 weeks, but 3 days after your gig, I’m taking you DOWN!”

My brain agrees emphasizing one last time how important it is for me to NOT be sick during my show, and then the deal is ink’d and my fate is sealed.

This time however illness did not set in right away…I thought perhaps my body had given me a reprieve.  A get-outta-jail-free card?…a blanket pardon?…but no, my body did indeed make good on our pact and about a week after the last guitar chords of the show were struck, I began to feel the beginnings of a cold. At first it was just a general malaise but soon that malaise began to grow, until finally it began to conduct an all-out search for ‘The Weather’ with the specific intention of getting under it…

So here I am with my head feeling 10 times its normal size, coughing and sneezing and feeling miserable. This is day 3 of being too sick to leave my room. I’ve been spending the hours half-watching / half-ignoring episodes I thru IV of Star Wars while finishing up a model of The Millennium Falcon.


I admit that I let my inner Star Wars geek run rampant when I feel awful…not sure why, it must comfort me somehow, but I think the modeling glue fumes and the Testors paints are slowly giving me a headache…Soon I will hop aboard the Nyquil express to get the sleep I desperately need.

The goal is to get better by Saturday since the group and I have a show to play at The Steve Allen Theater. We are the musical guest for The Tomorrow Show hosted by Ron Lynch and Brendon Small with special guest host: Margaret Cho. The fact that Margaret Cho is guest hosting means there could be some influential people there so we’ve gotta bring the ‘A’ game.

…so here I am resting up and not leaving the house until the gig trying to strike another bargain with my fatigued, and ill-striken body, who has the upper hand at the moment.

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